Am I a Candidate for Veneers?

Close up image of veneer being placed on a tooth

If you are looking to enhance the shape or shade of your teeth, you may be considering porcelain veneers. In your consideration, you may also be wondering if you would be an ideal candidate for veneers. Ideally, candidates for veneers are individuals who have severely stained teeth, minor cosmetic imperfections, good oral health, sufficient tooth enamel, moderately straight teeth, do not grind or clench their teeth, and practice good oral hygiene.
Dental veneers are tooth-shaped shells made of porcelain that are adhered to the surface of existing teeth. They are individually manufactured to match the style of your existing teeth, so they will have a natural appearance when placed in your mouth. However, since they are artificial teeth, they have the ability to mask cosmetic imperfections and enhance color.
People who have severely stained teeth are great candidates for dental veneers. Oftentimes, teeth whitening treatments are only effective on mild to moderately stained teeth, and are not as effective on severe stains. Veneers will simply cover up the stains and result in a brighter smile.
Veneers also work well for those who have cosmetic imperfections in their teeth. These cosmetic imperfections can include chips, cracks, or generally misshapen teeth. One major benefit of veneers is that they can fix all of the above problems at one time, eliminating the need for further dental treatments.
Another important quality of an ideal candidate for veneers is someone who has good overall oral health. This is not to say that if you have a minor dental issue, you are not a candidate for veneers. However, for them to be the most effective, good oral health is a must. If you have a minor dental issue, restorative treatment may be necessary prior to the application of veneers.
Part of being in good dental health is also having enough tooth enamel for the veneers to adhere to. If there is not enough enamel present, the veneers will not be able to have adequate support and will not work properly. If your enamel has worn down too much, veneers may not work for you.
In addition to having enough enamel for the veneers to adhere to, you will also need to have moderately straight teeth. Teeth that are mildly crooked are fine and will be corrected with the veneers, but severely crooked teeth or a misaligned bite are not recommended for veneers. This is because a severe misalignment, whether it be teeth or bite, can exert excess strain on your teeth causing the porcelain to chip.
For that same reason, individuals who grind or clench their teeth may not be best candidates for veneers. Since teeth grinding or clenching puts extra strain on the teeth, this also increases the likelihood for porcelain cracking. In addition things such as nail biting, ice chewing, or using your teeth as tools are all activities that do not mix well with veneers.
Finally, to be a good candidate for veneers, you will need to practice good dental hygiene. Veneers are placed on the surface of your teeth, so they need to be taken care of just as your usual teeth need to be. This means brushing twice a day and flossing once daily. This also means visiting the dentist once every six months for a checkup and cleaning. If you are interested in learning more about dental veneers and whether you would be a good candidate, book a consultation today!

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