Gum Line Contouring

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Life is too short to feel self-conscious about something that can be fixed. Your smile says a lot about you and if you aren’t confident enough in it to flash it proudly, then it might be time to think about why it bothers you. If it’s your gums, there’s great news. Dr. K offers a gum line contouring procedure.

Gum line contouring can be used to fix two things:

  1. Gums that rest too high in the mouth and make teeth appear smaller than they really are. This can be due to prescription drugs or health problems.
  2. Gums that rest too low in the mouth and make your teeth appear too long. Gums recede for a variety of reasons, with the most common being genetics and periodontal disease.

Patients who suffer from either of these issues often report low self-esteem, depression, and a lack of confidence. 

What is gum line contouring?

Also known as gingival recontouring, this procedure is used to change the shape of your gums so that they best compliment the size and arrangement of your teeth. Gum tissues heal quite quickly, so the recovery time is short and because Dr. K uses a laser you will get through the procedure with little to no pain.

How do I care for myself after having gum line contouring?

After you have the procedure performed Dr. K will recommend you use a saline rinse made with a teaspoon of salt added to eight ounces of water, plus a cap of hydrogen peroxide. We recommend using this rinse after eating, as well as whenever discomfort is felt. There is no limit to the amount of times this rinse can be used. You can also take Motrin if you experience any pain.

It’s quite normal for scabbing to occur. This often looks like tissue coming off from the area that is healing, however, it does not impact the overall appearance of your results.

Recovery usually takes anywhere from a week to ten days. During this time you should:

  • Avoid overly spicy foods or foods that are seedy, like popcorn or poppy seed muffins
  • Enjoy soft, cold foods during the first few days. Good options include yogurt, pasta, and ice cream.
  • Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions on how to brush, as well as when to brush.

If you’re interested in gumline contouring, contact us. We can answer your questions and help you determine if this is the best procedure to get the results you’re looking for. We’d also be happy to discuss other options, as well as what you can expect as far as results go depending on the procedure you choose.

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