IV Sedation – Dental Anxiety

Anxious woman sitting in dental chair as dentists waits to perform procedure

Don’t allow your dental anxiety to keep you from getting the very best treatment for some of the dental concerns that you might be faced with. Whether you need root canal therapy or you need your wisdom teeth removed, IV sedation might be the best choice to help you overcome some of that dental anxiety.

Fairfax, VA dentist Dr. Chad Kasperowski can help to alleviate some of your dental fears with education, and an understanding of how sedation dentistry might be the right choice for you.

What is IV Sedation?

Also called twilight sedation, IV sedation allows patients to feel a sense of comfortable calm while undergoing procedures that may otherwise be the cause for anxiety. You will not be completely put under during the procedure, and may not entirely fall asleep, but you’ll feel relaxed during the treatment. You’ll be calm, relaxed, comfortable, and you’ll find yourself drifting in and out of a twilight sleep.

IV sedation, in Dr. Kasperowski’s office will allow you to get the treatment that you need, without the dreaded anxiety that would make the experience an unpleasant one.

More about IV Sedation

The IV will be administered with as little discomfort as is possible, with the goal of ensuring your comfort all throughout the entire process. Through the IV, you’ll be given medication that will help you to relax, while reducing the anxiety you may otherwise have felt about the dental procedures you are having done.

It’s important to provide Dr. Kasperowski with a thorough medical history. This will allow him to ensure that you receive the right medication and dosage to work with other medical concerns that you may have.

Some patients will fall asleep during the process, while others will slip in and out of a peaceful dream-like state. If you have specific medical conditions, or you are on certain drug regiments, you might be sedated just enough to help you to combat your anxiety.

The goal of using dental IV sedation is to ensure your anxiety levels are reduced, with as little of the medication as is possible. IV sedation is a safe process, there’s no need to administer more medication than is needed.

Who can Benefit from IV Sedation?

Any patient who may feel some anxiety about dental procedures is a good candidate for IV sedation. Others who may benefit from it include the elderly, the disabled, and those who may have had a previously unsettling dental experience.

Oral health is crucial for the elderly, as periodontal disease and other dental infections can lead to other long-term health concerns. To maintain a full active life, our teeth and gums need to be maintained. Whether embarrassed or afraid of your current dental health, Dr. Chad Kasperowski can settle your concerns in the comfort of his Fairfax, VA dental offices.

Those who are disabled may find dental visits disconcerting. A compassionate dentist like Dr. Chad Kasperowski can help to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable and soothing as is possible for each patient.

Maintaining good oral health is an essential part of ensuring your overall good health. With IV sedation as an option you’ll be able to put your anxiety and dental phobias behind you, and proudly show off your dazzling healthy smile.

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