Laser Dentistry

As a patient of Dr. Chad Kasperowski, you may have the opportunity to experience and benefit from a new and exciting technology, the CO2 dental laser.

Dental lasers are a family of instruments; some of which are used for surgery, some to cure restorative materials and others to remove tooth structure for elimination of disease and restoration – different lasers for different procedures. All lasers require eye protection. Safety glasses with special lenses will be provided. Family and guests in the dental operatory at the time of your laser treatment may also be asked to wear protective eyeglasses.

Depending on your treatment needs, Dr. Kasperowski may use the laser for a long period of time or possibly only for brief moments. However, even those procedures that require only a short period of laser usage benefit from the advantages of laser therapy.These include:

  • Precision soft tissue surgery with little to no bleeding
  • Minimal post-operative swelling
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort due to the sealing of nerve endings
  • Sterilization of surgical fields
  • Disinfection of periodontal pockets with improved healing and bone regeneration
  • Immediate treatment of canker sores and tooth sensitivity

Dental lasers are used as an adjunct in a variety of treatment procedures like biopsies, gum recontouring and many others. Dr. Kasperowski has the ability to determine if laser dental treatment will be appropriate and effective for you.

As an active member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD), Dr. Kasperowski has achieved certification in the use of dental lasers. The ALD certification is the only dental laser certification recognized in the United States and worldwide. In fact, while Virginia has yet to mandate it, ALD proficiency is the law in both Arizona and Nevada.

Schedule a consult today and ask us how our dental laser can improve your oral health.

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