Science Fiction Becomes Reality: The Future of Dentistry

For decades the tools and techniques of dentistry have involved preventing the discomfort from having a dental procedure done and noisy, anxiety causing drills used to drill and shape teeth. The future of dentistry is changing all of this as new technologies are invented that make the treatments less invasive and painful. These new techniques are quicker, cause less discomfort, and simply more effective than the those employed in current dentistry.


What Does The Future Of Dentistry Look Like?

The future of dentistry promises ever more effective and less invasive techniques, and some of them seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie.


  • Laser Dentistry – Lasers have actually been used in dentistry for some time, but recent innovations in laser technology have seen them taking a greater place in dental technology. Lasers are an almost pain-free method of performing time-honored procedures, meaning less recovery time, with no need for injections or paste.
  • Dental Regeneration – Currently when you have decay in a tooth, the only option that remains is to remove the decayed tissue and replace it with a restoration of some kind. The most recent technologies may make it possible to restore decayed teeth through the use of electrical currents. This means restoring teeth with their own natural materials rather than artificial replacements.
  • Ultraviolet Lights For Detecting Cancer – Recently approved by the FDA, these ultraviolet handheld light sources are used to reveal the presence of oral cancer at its earliest stages, highlighting any irregular cells that exist in the oral cavity. Taking only two minutes, it’s a life-saving and non-invasive part of every routine visit.
  • Digital Dentistry – Traditional x-rays were already a safe method of getting images of the structure of a patient’s mouth, but digital imaging uses 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. There are also intraoral digital cameras that allow the dentist to get a clear view of teeth at various zoom levels.
  • Printed Teeth – Perhaps one of the most incredible forms of new technology, 3-D printed teeth make it possible to create new dental crowns in the office rather than having to wait for them to be produced in a remote factory. This means faster turnaround times for patients and less need of temporary fillings and crowns.


When Will These Technologies Become Available?

In many cases the technologies are already alive and in the field, being used in various offices and spreading to more with every passing year. Before long these technologies and more will be available in dental offices everywhere, providing faster, more comprehensive, and painless dental care to patients everywhere.

These are just the beginning of the future of technology, but it’s one that will ensure that we all have beautiful, natural smiles throughout our lives. Of course, you should still practice proper oral hygiene at home. While a pound of cure is wonderful to have, an ounce of prevention can keep you from needing it at all.


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