Teeth Whitening Helps Improve Your Confidence


One of the most commons requests Dr. Chad and Pooja Kasperowski hear at the office is that their patients want a brighter and whiter smile. They want the confidence that comes with knowing that their smile sparkles. In addition to regular teeth cleanings, at-home kits, the avoidance of certain foods, we often recommend teeth whitening to patients seeking a star’s smile.

Is teeth whitening for me?

If your mouth is in good health and you don’t suffer from teeth sensitivity, receding gums, or fillings and crowns that might come undone, then teeth whitening might be for you. It’s important to understand that our dentists will perform a thorough exam and take your medical history to determine if you qualify.

What should I expect?

It’s important to have realistic expectations about your teeth whitening experience. While most patients see marked results after just one treatment, it can take several treatment sessions to achieve the look you desire. The length of your treatment plan will depend on how badly stained your teeth are.

What are my options?

Regular Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings do more than just keep your mouth healthy. They can help remove light stains and tartar build-up that cause teeth yellowing. Our dentists can help determine if teeth cleaning would help add a shine to your smile, but it’s generally recommended for those who have very little staining.

In-Office Treatment

Dr. Chad and Dr. Pooja bring extensive experience with in-office teeth whitening treatments. They can sit down with you and map out a clear plan of action that will get you the bright, white smile you want. Their solid understanding of complete oral health care allows them to accurately determine which teeth whitening solutions would work best for you and your lifestyle.

At Home Kits

We’re not huge fans of at home whitening kits. While they’ve come a long way, they don’t usually deliver the results you want and can lead to issues of oral sensitivity. They also have less strength and, if they come with a mouthpiece, it usually fits awkwardly because it wasn’t designed specifically for your mouth.

Natural/Food Avoidance

One of the best ways to maintain teeth whitening results and prevent future staining is by avoiding foods that stain your teeth. This includes coffee and tea, tomato-based products, chocolate, and red wine. If you choose to indulge in these foods, be sure to brush your teeth as soon as you finish.

Contact us to learn more about our teeth whitening options or for answers to any questions you have.

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