Three Important Questions For Your Hygienist

Most of us would like to believe that we have this whole ‘brushing and flossing’ thing down to a science and that we really don’t have anything left to learn from our hygienist or any areas to work on. It’s deeply unfortunate that this isn’t the case for many of us, and that we could all benefit from the expert counsel of our hygienist when it comes to our teeth and dental health. The next time you stop in to see your hygienist, you might consider asking them a few of the following questions to ensure you don’t find yourself needing more extensive dentistry.

Three Important Questions You Should Present To Your Hygienist
You’re already there in the chair, and they’re already working on your dental concerns, so why not ask them a few questions to help you spend less time in this chair in the future? None of us are perfect, and there’s a lot of areas in the mouth we could be neglecting without even thinking about it. Which, in fact, is the nature of the first question:

• What Part Of My Mouth Needs More Attention? While you may think you’re doing an exemplary job of getting every part of your mouth clean when brushing and flossing, only your hygienist knows for sure. They may send you home with pinking tabs to help reveal where plaque and tartar are building up on your teeth, or they may just tell you where they’re seeing problem areas.
• How Can I Improve My Flossing or Brushing Routine? Practice makes perfect, they say, but imperfect practice just reinforced imperfection. This remains true when discussing oral health and brushing. You may have been brushing and flossing the same way your whole life without actually hitting all the trouble areas, or there may be techniques that can improve your routine. Just ask your hygienist how you can do better.
• Are My Oral Hygiene Products Right For Me? There is an extensive number of options available for managing your oral health, and not all of them are right for everyone. The next time you sit down with your hygienist bring along your dental care products and ask if they’re the right ones to handle your particular oral health concerns. You may find you’re doing more harm than good, or that there are simply better products to help.

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If you haven’t asked these questions then it may be time to see your hygienist again, especially if it has been more than six months since your last visit. Hygienists like Dr. Chad Kasperowski at Champions for Oral health in Fairfax, VA have been helping patients like you maintain beautiful smiles throughout their lives through great oral hygiene. Every year thousands of people suffer from complications caused by poor dental health, and in many cases, it’s not a lack of diligence, but improper techniques that have caused the problem. Don’t let all your hard work be in vain, communicate with your hygienist!

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