What to Expect During Your Recovery From Implant Surgery

You’ve finally committed to the decision to get implants, and your smile has never looked better. Congratulations! If you’ve been living with missing teeth for a long time, this is doubtless a momentous occasion for you, and you’re probably wondering what’s next. The next stage of your dental health life is going to involve taking care of these remarkable prosthetics to ensure that you never experience life without teeth again. Now that the surgery is over and you have your teeth… what’s next?

After The Dental Implant Surgery

So you’ve just woken up to a whole new world with brand new teeth, and your dentist is telling you that it’s time to pack in the gauze over your surgery site. There is often some bleeding following implant surgery, and this gauze makes sure it gets caught and removed from your mouth. Thankfully this stage of the process will only last an hour, and then it’s on to the next stages of recovery.

  • Don’t mess with the surgical site – If you want to make sure your surgical site heals up properly and with no complications, leave it alone. Soft brushing and occasional gentle rinses are good, but that’s all that’s needed.

  • Quit The Smoking Habit – Along with it just being terrible for your health in every way, smoking is also a major contributor to new implant patients developing a painful condition known as dry socket. If you can’t quite for good, at least stop until you’re done healing.

  • Hygiene Is Still Key – Remember what we said about not messing with the surgical site? You still have to swish water around your mouth after a meal and use a soft-bristled tooth-brush after every meal. Do Not Spit! Instead just lean over the sink and let the water run out. The pressure caused by spitting can burst stitches and otherwise damage the surgical site.

  • Relax – Physical activity of any kind can lead to undue strain on your new implants in the early stages, resulting in pain, swelling, and bleeding at the surgical site. You also want to take care when transitioning from laying or sitting to standing.

  • Ice It Up – You can reduce the swelling resulting from the procedure by using an ice pack. Do not put mice in your mouth, instead apply it to the outside of your cheeks and jaw in the affected areas. Putting two ziplock bags of ice inside pantyhose and hanging them over your head is good for this.

Following these simple tips will help you enjoy a nice easy recovery from dental implant surgery, and you’ll soon be able to take advantage of those fantastic new teeth. Recovery isn’t a quick process, and you want to take excellent care and every precaution to prevent any complications at this time. If you’re preparing to get dental implants, or are looking for a new provider to help you care for your current ones, contact Chad Kasperowski at Champions for Oral Health in Fairfax, VA today!

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