Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Fairfax Virginia

, Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski

To ensure not only a beautiful smile but a well-aligned, healthy bite alignment, Dr. Chad does extensive planning and preparation for every full-mouth reconstruction case.

Restore your mouth to complete function and beauty

With modern treatments, even the most broken-down smiles can be fixed. Full-mouth reconstruction treatment can restore your mouth to its full health, function and beauty.

Experienced, Comprehensive Care in One Office

Dr. Chad Kasperowski has extensive training in all aspects of dentistry and has done continuing education to keep up with the latest advances. He is able to perform all the procedures that are necessary to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts.

His toolkit includes a variety of procedures, including the following:

  • Dental Implants & Implant-Supported Dentures
  • Dental Bridges
  • Porcelain Crowns & Veneers
  • Teeth Straightening with Invisalign®
  • Root Canals & Gum Disease Treatment

Precise Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Dr. Chad will do an in-depth consultation to find out your smile goals, and he will then take photos to create a digital simulation of your smile. Dr. Chad will then create a model of your teeth that shows exactly how your smile will look after treatment. Dr. Chad also has trial teeth made so you can try them out and have any needed adjustments made before your final new teeth are placed.

A lot of work and planning goes into ensuring that the treatment will result in a properly functioning and well-aligned bite. To this end, Dr. Chad performs detailed bite and jaw joint analysis, and he determines the ideal relationship of the jaws and the jaw joints before treatment begins. Getting this relationship right can prevent problems such as headaches an teeth grinding in the future.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

If you think you may be in need of extensive dental work, call (703) 594-4113 to schedule an appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction consultation. 


, Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski

“When I came to Dr. Kasperowski, my teeth were in terrible condition and had deteriorated to a point where I was finding it difficult to chew and to enjoy eating my favorite foods. Dr. Kasperowski was so caring and professional. During every one of my visits, he took the time to discuss my treatment and his approach so that there were never any surprises.

“Thanks to Dr. Kasperowski and his outstanding staff, I am now in full command of my dental work, and in full command of my ability to use—rather than to be used by—my teeth. I now have the full use of my mouth and teeth and can enjoy eating.

“My wife and daughter have also benefited from the first-rate dental care at the Kasperowskis’ dental clinic here in Northern Virginia. The atmosphere is always positive and professional.”

Steve, implants & full-mouth reconstruction

, Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski
, Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski