General & Family Dentistry in Fairfax

, General & Family Dentistry in Fairfax

Drs. Pooja and Chad Kasperowski and their staff welcome patients of all ages, and they can provide treatment for almost any dental problem in their own comfortable office.

Skilled Dental Care for the entire family—helping you keep your teeth healthy for life!

We believe that a person's overall wellness is strongly impacted by their oral health. Drs. Chad and Pooja and our staff love helping people maintain or regain good oral health. The doctors provide most services a patient could need in one comfortable, convenient location.

Drs. Chad and Pooja have many years of experience with a variety of dental procedures, including general dental procedures, gum disease treatment, root canal therapy, dental implants, cosmetic treatment and more. Thanks to their training and experience, they can provide high-quality treatment to patients of all ages.

, General & Family Dentistry in Fairfax

Checkups & Cleanings

Our goal is to keep dental treatment to a minimum by preventing problems from occurring in the first place. Checkups are detailed and thorough, and our experienced hygienists provide gentle yet thorough cleanings and deep cleanings.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is treated using ultrasonic scalers to clean above and below the gumline. The scalers also smooth the tooth roots so bacteria cannot easily re-attach and the gums can heal. In some cases, the doctors additionally use dental lasers to help disinfect the gums. When needed, DNA testing is done to determine the exact species of bacteria that are causing the problem. These bacteria can then be targeted using species-specific antibiotics.

, General & Family Dentistry in Fairfax
, General & Family Dentistry in Fairfax

Dentistry for Children

Dr. Pooja loves treating children. She provides many dental services for kids, including sealants, fillings, fluoride and cleanings. She also provides gentle, age-appropriate education on how to take care of your teeth. Visits are kept fun and enjoyable so that children feel good about visiting the dentist.

“Drs. Chad and Pooja Kasperowski have taken immaculate care of my family’s oral health. Every time I come in, I know that I will receive the highest level of treatment, and that they will only recommend solutions for me that are necessary.

“Dr. Chad takes care to explain any recommendations he makes both at the time of the recommendation, and then again at the time of the procedure. It is clear to me that he has thought through all of the recommendations and selected the correct one for me.

“The staff are amazing and treat my children lovingly. Both my kids know that they have a voice at the dentist, and they ask to stop by just to say hello to their friends there. I am grateful to have dentists whom I trust and who I know put my care and my children’s care first.”

– Jessica, Lauren & Nelson, general dentistry

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New Patient Special - $99

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Digital X-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get all of your questions answered

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Call us at (703) 594-4113 or click here to schedule an appointment.
, General & Family Dentistry in Fairfax