New Teeth In One Day in Fairfax Virginia

, New Teeth In One Day in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski

Tired of loose, uncomfortable dentures?
Are your unable to eat the foods you used to enjoy?
Get a set of stable, permanent new teeth in one day!

People with many missing or broken-down teeth can feel hopeless about their smile and their ability to chew. Many denture wearers are unaware that a better option exists. But thanks to new techniques and advanced technology, existing denture wearers and patients who need to replace all their teeth, even those who have significant bone loss, can once again eat, speak and smile with confidence. Using the New Teeth in One Day procedure, Dr. Chad can provide a full set of implant-supported new teeth in one appointment after preliminary consultation and preparation.

, New Teeth In One Day in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski

No Bone Grafting Needed

Loss of bone is a common obstacle to implant placement for denture wearers and people with missing teeth. A lack of bone usually requires lengthy and costly bone grafting in order to build up the jaw before implants can be stably placed.

However, because the New Teeth in One Day procedure uses specially angled implants, the need for bone grafting is often eliminated, and the procedure can be completed in a single day. This makes it not only a fast procedure, but also the most economical option for fixed-in full-arch tooth replacement.

Who is a candidate?

  • If you have lost all or most of your teeth or even have a majority of decaying teeth, this life-changing procedure is for you.
  • If you always try to hide your smile or are embarrassed to show your mouth, this procedure may be right for you.
  • If you have advanced periodontal (gum) disease.
  • If you are in need of multiple dental implants.
  • If you already wear dentures but are unhappy with them.

Long term effects of missing teeth or dentures

, New Teeth In One Day in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski

Without natural or artificial tooth roots, your jaw will begin to shrink due to bone loss. This ultimately changes the shape of your face and your mouth and your jaw will appear to collapse. Your lips will seem thinner. Your skin begins to wrinkle, especially in the areas around your mouth and neck. One loses their self-confidence, looks and feels older, and has a hard time functioning.


, New Teeth In One Day in Fairfax Virginia, Dr. Kasperowski

“The practice is warm and caring, like family. Dr. Kasperowski is proactive and cares deeply about his patients.

“All during the process, Dr. Chad explained everything, took my input and came up with workable solutions. Because of my health conditions, I had to do the surgery while conscious and he and his team made it painless and easy—and that was six implants!

“In short, I can’t say enough good things. I look and function like I’m 10 years younger. I can smile without worrying about looks or embarrassment and I can eat whatever I like without pain or worrying about denture failure.”

– Martin, upper-arch fixed-in teeth with New Teeth in One Day