Tooth replacement options have evolved over the years, and patients have a wider variety of choices than ever before. However, one option stands out above all others—dental implants. Dental implants provide true, permanent replacement of not only the parts of the tooth that are visible above the gumline, but also of the tooth roots that are normally anchored in the jawbone. For this reason, implant-supported teeth are strong and stable, and they look, feel and function just like regular teeth.

Dr. Chad has over 16 years of experience in dental implant treatment and can use implants to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth in a row, or even an entire arch of teeth.

For patients who do not wish or unable to receive implants, our doctors also provide traditional tooth replacement options. They consult with each patient in detail to find out about their lifestyle, goals and budget, and they recommend the options suitable for each individual after an exam and personal consultation.


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Dr. Chad can replace a single tooth with an implant and a crown. An implant-supported crown is strong, provides excellent chewing power and looks just like a regular tooth. Implant-supported crowns are also durable; they can last a lifetime.

A single tooth can also be replaced using a dental bridge, but a bridge requires reduction of the adjacent teeth for its placement, a gap can develop between the bridge and the gums, and bridges often only last about eight years. Dr. Chad recommends dental implants instead of a bridge, as they last longer and are easier to care for. Additionally, if a patient is on medication that causes a dry mouth, bridges aren't the best option.


Several Teeth Needing Replacement

If two or more adjacent teeth are missing, Dr. Chad recommends an implant- supported bridge as a strong and stable solution. With an implant-supported bridge, three or four teeth in a row can be replaced using only two implants.


All Teeth Replaced in an Arch

Snap-in Implant-Supported Dentures

To replace a full arch of teeth using implants, the most economical option consists of a removable denture that is supported by four implants. Special attachments on the implants enable you to snap the denture in and out. Using this method, the dentures are stable in the mouth and do not slip or move around while you eat, smile or talk.

In some cases, Dr. Chad can take a patient's existing denture and retrofit it with dental implant attachments, turning it into an implant-supported denture. For the lower jaw, he is sometimes also able to use mini implants (implants with a smaller diameter) to provide implant-supported dentures for patients who are not able to receive regular implant surgery.

Permanent Implant-Supported Teeth

For the ultimate in stability and nearly 100 percent chewing power, Dr. Chad provides new teeth that are permanently fixed in the mouth with implants. Fixed-in teeth allow patients to eat and speak with complete confidence. They are the closest option to having your own, natural teeth.


New Teeth in One Day

Using the breakthrough New Teeth in One Day technique, Dr. Chad is able to provide beautiful, permanently fixed-in new teeth during a one-day procedure. Aftera few initial consultation and preparation visits, Dr. Chad extracts any remaining teeth, places the implants and attaches a beautiful set of new teeth.

The New Teeth in One Day procedure usually requires only four implants per arch. Because of the special way the implants are angled, bone grafting is not normally needed—even when a patient has suffered extensive bone loss.




Martin, upper-arch fixed-in teeth with New Teeth in One Day

“The practice is warm and caring, like family. Dr. Kasperowski is proactive and cares deeply about his patients.

“All during the process, Dr. Chad explained everything, took my input and came up with workable solutions. Because of my health conditions, I had to do the surgery while conscious and he and his team made it painless and easy—and that was six implants!

“In short, I can’t say enough good things. I look and function like I’m 10 years younger. I can smile without worrying about looks or embarrassment and I can eat whatever I like without pain or worrying about denture failure.”


Janet, implant-supported denture, crowns & bridges

“When I came to see Dr. Chad, my mouth and teeth were a mess. I was in pain and was embarrassed to open my mouth. Dr. Chad was so friendly and caring. He put me at ease and explained the process so that I could understand. Simply said, he is a great dentist, a great person and an artist.

“The staff are friendly and operate the practice like a fine-tuned Swiss watch. The office has the latest machines, equipment and technology. I can smile and talk without embarrassment. I am in no pain. I love my dentist and everyone who works there.”


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