, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“I just want to say how lucky I am to have had Dr. Kasperowski as our team dentist. I have been treated by a lot of dentists, but none as complete and who explain exactly what needs to be done with so much confidence. As a result of the time, work and commitment of Dr. Kasperowski, I feel so much better about my dental work and feel like I can eat whatever I want without any problems. I would like to say thanks to Dr. Kasperowski and the support staff who are exceptional.”

– Doug, implants, bridges and crowns

Steve 2

, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“When I came to Dr. Kasperowski, my teeth were in terrible condition and had deteriorated to a point that I was finding it difficult to chew and to enjoy eating my favorite foods. Dr. Kasperowski was so caring and professional. During every one of my visits, he took the time to discuss my treatment and his approach so that there were never any surprises.

“Thanks to Dr. Kasperowski and his outstanding staff, I am now in full command of my dental work, and in full command of my ability to use—rather than to be used by—my teeth. I now have the full use of my mouth and teeth and can enjoy eating.

“My wife and daughter have also benefited from the first-rate dental care at the Kasperowskis’ dental clinic here in Northern Virginia. The atmosphere is always positive and professional.”

Steve, implants & full-mouth reconstruction


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“I have always struggled with smiling because I did not like my teeth.
Dr. Kasperowski was always very honest and professional and did a great job educating me about my teeth, what was going on and what steps to take to improve and care for them. I put all of my trust in him to give me a beautiful smile, and he did not let me down!

“Dr. Kasperowski literally changed my life. My treatment was one of the most valuable things I have ever done. Having a straight smile has significantly boosted my confidence and made me happier. I am forever grateful!”

— Karen, crowns, Invisalign® & cosmetic restoration


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“The practice is warm and caring, like family. Dr. Kasperowski is proactive and cares deeply about his patients.

“All during the process, Dr. Chad explained everything, took my input and came up with workable solutions. Because of my health conditions, I had to do the surgery while conscious and he and his team made it painless and easy—and that was six implants!

“In short, I can’t say enough good things. I look and function like I’m 10 years younger. I can smile without worrying about looks or embarrassment and I can eat whatever I like without pain or worrying about denture failure.”

– Martin, upper-arch fixed-in teeth with New Teeth in One Day

Jessica fam

, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

Drs. Chad and Pooja Kasperowski have taken immaculate care of my family’s oral health. Every time I come in,  I know that I will receive the highest level of treatment, and that they will only recommend solutions for me that are necessary.

“Dr. Chad takes care to explain any recommendations he makes both at the time of the recommendation, and then again at the time of the procedure. It is clear to me that he has thought through all of the recommendations and selected the correct one for me.

“The staff are amazing and treat my children lovingly. Both my kids know that they have a voice at the dentist, and they ask to stop by just to say hello to their friends there. I am grateful to have dentists whom I trust and who I know put my care and my children’s care first.

– Jessica, Lauren & Nelson, general dentistry


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“Chad Kasperowski is the best dentist, by far, that I have ever had. He is an accomplished cosmetic dentist as well. I mentioned to him my self-consciousness about my upper front teeth and that I never smiled because of it. He offered to take impressions and see what might be done. He emailed me a computer-generated image of what my front teeth could look like and— without hesitation— I decided to do it. And am I glad I did!

“During the process, I never experienced any anxiety, discomfort or pain. None! I am very grateful to Dr. Chad for giving me the smile I never had—and now have at age 72. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Now I smile all the time. Thank you!”

– Bill, implants & cosmetic dentistry


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“I am extremely grateful to both doctors and their entire team not only for the excellent dental care I have received, but also for their skill and knowledge in treating my serious TMJ condition. Dr. Chad has gone above and beyond with his time and compassion, and he has taken a personal interest in helping me find relief for my chronic symptoms. He fitted me with specialized nightguards to correct my specific grinding and clenching habits, allowing me a more restful night’s sleep and even recovering some hearing loss caused by my TMJ!

“Dr. Chad and his entire staff are wonderful, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

– Eric, TMJ treatment & general dentistry


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“When I came to see Dr. Chad, my mouth and teeth were a mess. I was in pain and was embarrassed to open my mouth. Dr. Chad was so friendly and caring. He put me at ease and explained the process so that I could understand. Simply said, he is a great dentist, a great person and an artist.

“The staff are friendly and operate the practice like a fine-tuned Swiss watch. The office has the latest machines, equipment and technology. I can smile and talk without embarrassment. I am in no pain. I love my dentist and everyone who works there.”

Janet, implant-supported denture, crowns & bridges


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“I was searching for a good dentist in the area, and I finally found the perfect practice. I had worn braces as a teenager but saw that my teeth had shifted back. I started seeing results sooner than I expected.

“Everyone here is so kind and very professional—from the staff to the hygienists to the dentists, they are exceptional. I feel trusting of the care and recommend them to everyone I know.”

– Veronica, Invisalign


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“Dr. Chad was very straightforward when outlining the process for treatment prior to the molar extraction. He checked in frequently throughout the procedure to ensure I wasn’t in too much pain or uncomfortable. He explained in detail everything he was doing so that I was very much involved in each step of the process. He even checked in later that evening to ensure that I was recovering, and that my pain was managed. He also offered suggestions for pain medication that would be safe to use while nursing my six-month old. Overall, a very painful procedure was made easier and more comfortable with Dr. Chad.”

– Jessica, tooth extraction, general cleanings & checkups


, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“When I found Dr. Kasperowski, I had a lot of issues with teeth grinding. He listened to my concerns. Dr. Kasperowski is extremely thorough and takes the time to ensure quality dental work is being performed. He uses a lot of high-tech diagnostic equipment that I have never seen other dentists use.

“Since Dr. Kasperowski made my nightguard, my teeth and jaw feel a lot better and I feel like I am on the right track towards achieving my dental goals.

“All the staff at the office are very kind and respectful. Dr. Kasperowski and the staff make me feel like I am in good hands, and together we will be able to improve my overall oral health.”

– Jacob, TMD treatment

Brian Shannon

, Testimonials, Dr. Kasperowski

“Throughout the years, Dr. Kasperowski has always gone above and beyond and treated our family as if it were his own.

“I needed a root canal and eventually an extraction of a front tooth. He was so kind throughout the six-month treatment. He also provided care beyond the treatment during a financially sensitive time and made the experience bearable.

“On one occasion, one of my crowns fell out over the weekend. Even though he was not scheduled to be in his office the next day, he met me early in the morning to restore the crown.”

– Brian and Shannon Tully, crowns, gum recession treatment, preparation for dental implants, general care, checkups & cleaning